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Discover your niche

Charming, eclectic, trendy, and fresh – just a few words to describe a truly unique location that has something for everyone. Wonderfully walkable with plenty to see and do, get out and explore a neighbourhood that fits you and your lifestyle perfectly.

A streetcar named St. Clair

From a dirt road to a streetcar suburb, St. Clair West was the chosen route to get Toronto’s first streetcar line. Construction began in 1911 and was completed in 1913. When it opened, the St. Clair car cost 2 cents for adults, 1 cent for children under 9, with babies in arms traveling for free.

For those who like it hot…sauce

Grilled sardines, Bifanas (traditional pork sandwiches), and the classic Caldo Verde soup! If you like Portuguese food, you’re in luck! Your beautifully multi-cultural neighbourhood was originally home to many Portuguese immigrants, and their influence can be felt through several traditional food markets, butchers, and cafés.

Just a little house on the hill

Did you know you have a gothic revival style mansion and garden in your hood? Casa Loma (Spanish for hill house) was constructed in 1911 as a residence for Financier Sir Henry Pellatt and was the biggest private home ever constructed in Canada. Today it stands as a popular Toronto tourist landmark and historic museum.

Artful vegetables

Once a century-old streetcar barn, today redesigned and transformed to celebrate art, culture, and the community’s most popular farmers’ market, Artscape Wychwood Barns is a community hub that brings people working in art, environmentalism, theatre, and urban agriculture together. The Stop’s Farmers Market runs year-round every Saturday morning featuring the wares of local farmers, bakers, and other artisans. The Barns are also home to a community greenhouse for growing local organic food and providing fresh food to those who need it, as well as host education events for adults and children in the greenhouse.

Salsa anyone?

Join in Toronto’s biggest annual celebration of Latino culture right on St. Clair West. The two-day street festival attracts an estimated 250,000–500,000 people, who come together to dance, eat, shop, and enjoy over 100 artists celebrating the culture of Latin America.

A lost river of great inspiration

The Castle Frank Brook came from a river responsible for carving out some of the city’s most famous ravines. It used to run through Cedarvale Park but is now completely buried. Its claim to fame – Ernest Hemingway often frequented this park’s path during his stay in Canada while working at The Toronto Star.