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Welcome to the Groove. Your Groove.

First, start with an upbeat and up-and-coming destination location that inspires an eclectic vibe. Next, establish a distinct tone and tempo of lifestyle in an original stylized building that owns its own unique grooves.

Then crank it to eleven and get in the Groove! Groove Urban Condominiums invites a modern lifestyle expression in a stunning, stylish 15-storey building with 152 suites and superb amenities that inspire living your life to the fullest.

Your location is ideal, neatly tucked in along Vaughan Road just off the bustling St. Clair Avenue West and Bathurst Street. Intimate yet closely connected to a dynamic destination booming with energy, diversity, and plenty of choice when it comes to finding your lifestyle niche. It’s groovy, urban, and a way of life that’s in perfect harmony.

A diverse location

Lively, funky, classic, and relaxing – neighbourhoods, just like music invites a variety of different vibes that influence our moods and moments. Living here you can enjoy being part of a larger composition of closely connected communities offering unique expressions and experiences that are in tune with how you want to live.

A uniquely stylish groove

Above, below, and all around, marvel at a unique statement in architectural style that makes you want to get in the Groove.

Groove Urban Condominiums is a modern mid-rise 15-storey building with 152 suites. Experience a thoughtful expression of contemporary elegance that cleverly blends rich masonry colour and texture with polished white and grey panels that play off each other. Follow your eyes through the accentuated maze-like façade to find a lifestyle that inspires your every move.

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